E-Z Spray™ Filtration Systems Services & Custom Fabrication Capabilities

Mep Manufacturing products and services can help you reduce maintenance and improve cleaning, which in turn helps you save time and costs. We can retrofit in one weekend if necessary.

We provide you complete services: • Design • Fabrication • Installation

If you are looking for experience and quality, without a big bite from your budget, then MEP has the E-Z Solution for your company.

  • Custom Designed Riser Systems
  • Custom Fabricated Plastic & Steel Piping
  • Riser Installations and Retro-fits
  • Retro-fit Parts and Accessories

Fabrication Capabilities – Our facility includes interior storage of pipe and fittings with a generous inventory of PVC and CPVC.

  • Multihole Drilling – Headers and Nozzles

    a. Up to 10 holes in One Cycle
    b. On as little as 3″ Centers
    c. On any size pipe diameter up to 8″
    d. On any drilled hole size up to 2″
    (Tooling for larger holes would be quoted)

  • High Speed Pipe Threading – on pipe with diameters up to 4″
  • Single Point Pipe Threading – on 6″ and larger pipe sizes
  • Plastic Welding
  • Plastic Pipe Bending
  • All Normal Assembly of Pipe and Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • Full Machine Shop Facilities