Accessories & Replacement Parts for E-Z Spray™ Filtration Systems


E-Z Eductors

E-Z Eductors
  • Tank Mixing Made Easy
  • PVC or CPVC Eductor Bodies
  • Variable flow rates available
  • Attach with Qwik Disconnect
  • No Tees or welded couplings
  • 4:1 & 3:1 ratio
  • Economical

Eductor Assembly

  • Standard 1 1/4″ NPT Threaded Connection to Qwik Disconnect
  • Eductor Bodies in PVC for Temperature Applications up to 140F
  • Eductor Bodies in CPVC for Temperature Applications up to 180F
  • Drill a 1 1/2″ Hole in the Header for attachment
  • Interior removable insert for GPM changes (see chart below)
  • Available for 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″ and 4″ Header Pipe Sizes
  • Remove with tools for maintenance

Eductor Tip Flow Rate Chart

Insert Part#Orifice Sizegpm @ 10 psigpm @ 20 psigpm @ 30 psigpm @ 40 psi

Foam Pushers

Foam Pushers

MEP Foam Pusher Eductor Assemblies are effective mechanisms for eliminating foam in dip tank applications as well as stirring similar to MEP’s standard eductors.

Our Foam Pusher Nozzle Bodies are polypro material for high temperature and chemical resistance. Foam Pusher Bodies fit to our E-Z Clip-on Nozzle Bodies and our patented “Snap RisersTM” for “qwik installation. Additionally, we offer o-rings and seals in Buna, Hyplalon and VitonTM to meet any chemical need.

  • Fully adjustable for directional flow
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit GPM requirements

Standard foam pusher educators are listed below. To make a part number for a Foam Pusher Educator Assembly, simply add Pipe Size, then Seal Material, followed by the Spigot Size, and last, if it is an O-Ring, or a Flat Seal.

MEP Part#Orifice Sizegpm @ 10 psigpm @ 20 psigpm @ 30 psigpm @ 40 psi


  • Flat Seals (thickest seal)- available in Buna, Hypalon and Viton
  • Standard O-Ring Seal (thinnest seal)
  • Extra Thick O-Ring Seal (medium thickness)
  • Qwik Disconnect O-Rings – available in Buna, Hypalon and Viton
Part #Description
QD125STDB1-1/4" Q.D. Stand. O-Ring, Buna
QD125EXTB1-1/4" Q.D. “Extra Thick” O-Ring, Buna
QD150STDB1-1/2" Q.D. Stand. O-Ring, Buna
QD150EXTB1-1/2" Q.D. “Extra Thick” O-Ring, Buna
QD125FLAB1-1/4" Q.D. Flat Seal, Buna
QD150FLAB1-1/2" Q.D. Flat Seal Buna

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves
Available in Flange or Lug type valves!

ValvePart #
3" Flange TypeBF3VALFLA
4" Flange TypeBF4VALFLA

Bolt packs for both types of Butterfly Valves are in stock: Zinc plated or Stainless Steel. Contact us for Pricing!

E-Z Expansion Plugs

Expansion Plugs

Made with stainless steel hardware, and Buna N rubber plugs. All
expansion plug assemblies have the pre-fix “EP” then pipe size and
the suffix “HEXASSY”.

Part #Description
EP125HEXASY1-1/4" Expansion Plug Ass'y, S.S. & Rubber w/ Hex Nut
EP150HEXASY1-1/2" Expansion Plug Ass'y, S.S. & Rubber w/ Hex Nut
EP200HEXASY2" Expansion Plug Ass'y, S.S. & Rubber w/ Hex Nut
Component Parts
EP125PLU1-1/4" Expansion Plug, Buna N 
EP125STE1-1/4" Expansion Plug Stem, 304 S.S.
EP125TOPWAS1-1/4" Expansion Plug Top Washer 304 S.S.
EP150PLU1-1/2" Expansion Plug, Buna N
EP150STE1-1/2" Expansion Plug Stem, 304 S.S.
EP150TOPWAS1-1/2" Expansion Plug Top Washer 304 S.S.
EP200PLU2" Expansion Plug, Buna N
EP200STE2" Expansion Plug Stem, 304 S.S.
EP200TOPWAS2" Expansion Plug Top Washer 304 S.S.
EPHEXNUTExpansion Plug Hex Nut

E-Z Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Caps

E-Z Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Caps
  • Standard NPT threads
  • “E-Z” accessibility for clean out
  • Hand tighten only for positive seal
  • Available for 1-1/4″ & 1-1/2″ Pipe sizes
  • Higher temperature capability – Up to 220° F
  • Provides greater strength than CPVC or PVC
  • Economical alternative to CPVC or Stainless Steel
  • Improved chemical resistance over PVC or CPVC
  • 30% glass filled polypropylene, chemically coupled material for added strength
  • Optional seal provides for a “hand tight” fit -no tools, Telfon tape or glue required!
DescriptionPart #
1-1/4" Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Cap Ass'y2374
1-1/2" Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Cap Ass'y2375
1-1/4" Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Cap w/out Seal2370
1-1/2" Glass-Filled Poly-Pro End Cap w/out Seal2371
1/1/4" MEP End Cap Seal2372
1-1/2" MEP End Cap Seal2373

Riser Support Selection

Riser Support Selection

MEP Riser Support Clamps and Support “Strut” works with Snap Risers as shown left as well as typical CPVC/PVC and steel pipe.

When ordering “Riser Supports”, indicate the type of Riser Support, clamp or “strut”, riser pipe size (Snap Risers™ requires a 1-1/2” Riser Support Clamp) and the quantities required.

Support “Strut” comes is available in Non- Corrosive Fiberglass, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. “Strut” comes standard in 10 ft. lengths but can be cut to other dimensions as required. Note: There are additional charges by UPS to ship strut in 10 ft. lengths.

EZRC100Riser Clamp1" Riser Support Spring Clamp
EZRC125Riser Clamp1-1/4" Riser Support Spring Clamp
EZRC150Riser Clamp1-1/2" Riser Support Spring Clamp
EZRC200Riser Clamp2" Riser Support Spring Clamp
US1000Uni-Strut20V-1000 Non Corrosive  1-1/8" x 1-1/2"
US2000Uni-Strut20V-2000 Non Corrosive 1-5/8" x 1-5/8"
US2100Uni-Strut20V-2100 Non Corrosive 1-5/8" x 3-1/4"
USC3100Uni-Strut Clamps200-3100 Clamp 1/2" to 1-1/2"
USC3110Uni-Strut Clamps200-3110 Clamp 1-1/2" to 2-1/4"
USC3120Uni-Strut Clamps200-3120 Clamp 2-1/4" to 3-1/4"