E-Z Spray™ Filtration Systems

– MEP Manufacturing designs and manufactures filtration systems including piping systems, nozzles, quick disconnects, risers, and filters all under the EZ Spray™ brand name.

MEP Manufacturing has provided many of our customers in the industrial, agriculture, automotive and food processing industries with our quality E-Z Spray Piping Systems and we can do it for you too. Our customer include; Accuride Corporation, Allsteel Inc., Amana Refrigeration, Briggs & Stratton, Caterpillar and Chrysler Corporation. To view the entire list of our customers click here.

E-Z Riser Systems Images

E-Z Riser Systems

  • E-Z Spray Nozzle Systems
  • Bent Risers
Qwik Disconnects Images

Qwik Disconnects

  • The “E-Z” Way To Attach Nozzles To Large Pipe
  • Drill A 1-1/2” Hole & Clamp On
Snap Headers & Risers Images

Snap Headers & Risers

  • Improved chemical resistance, glass-filled poly material
  • Higher temperature capability – 210ºF
E-Z Filtration Images

E-Z Filtration

  • Back Flushing Filter System
  • Gravity Fed Filter
  • Pressurized Bag Filter
Accessories & Replacement Parts Images

Accessories & Replacement Parts

  • E-Z Eductors
  • Foam Pushers
  • Seals
  • Butterfly Valves
  • E-Z Expansion Plugs