E-Z Spray Clip-On Nozzles & Riser Systems

– E-Z Spray™ Nozzle Systems – Spray Patterns suitable for most spraying or misting uses in a variety of industries.

E-Z Spray™ Nozzle Systems – “E-Z” Spray™ Nozzles – The Past, Present, and Future of Nozzles

E-Z Riser Systems - E-Z Spray™ Nozzle Systems
  • High Grade Materials Improve Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Clamp-On Design
  • E-Z Installation
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Flow-Rate Selection
  • Low Replacement Costs

Minimize Downtime – No permanent damage, snap away construction pulls off, replaceable in minutes.

Applications – Spray Patterns suitable for most spraying or misting uses in a variety of industries.

  • Industrial part cleaning
  • Agricultural
  • Irrigation
  • Process
  • Dust Control
  • Fluid Agitation

E-Z Spray™ Nozzles will fit the standard 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ or 2″ plastic or black iron.

  • Pipe in North America is manufactured to have the same standard nominal exterior diameter for a given size regardless of material or wall thickness. For instance, any 1-1/4″ diameter pipe, whether plastic (CPVC or PVC) or black pipe (wrought iron) and whether schedule 40 (standard), Schedule 80 (extra heavy), or schedule 120 (double extra heavy), will have the same nominal O.D. of 1.660 inches.
  • Flat Spray Nozzles – Produces a high impinging spray excellent for cleaning, rinsing, and sometimes phosphating.
  • Hollow Cone Nozzles – Lower impinging spray used where the achievement of a high chemical coating weight is required on the surface of the sprayed object, as is generally the case in a zinc phosphate stage.
  • Threaded Ball Nozzles – NPT female thread ends for attaching a nozzle of choice.

E-Z Clip-On Nozzle Assemblies

“E-Z” Clip-On Nozzle Assemblies – Standard clip-on nozzle assembly are listed below. To make a part number for a clip-on nozzle assembly, first select a tip, add on the Pipe Size, then the Seal Material, followed by the Spigot Size and last, if it is an O-Ring or a Flat Seal.

Pipe Size

  • 1″
  • 1 1/4″
  • 1 1/2″
  • 2″

Seal Material

  • Buna-N = B
  • Viton = V

Spigot Size

  • 21/32″ = Y
  • 9/16″ = X

Seal Type

  • O-Ring = O
  • Flat Seal = F


  • 125BYF8010… Describes a 1-1/4″ 8010 Flat Spray Ass’y, rated at 1.0 GPM @ 40 PSI, for 1-1/4″ pipe (125), with Buna-N rubber (B), a 21/32″ spigot (Y) and a Flat Seal(F).
  • 125VXOHC100… Describes a 1-1/4″ Hollow Cone 100 nozz Ass’y, rated at 10 GPM @ 40 PSI, for 1-1/4″ pipe (125), with Viton (V), a 9/16″ spigot (X) and an O-Ring(O).


“E-Z” Nozzle Selection: All tips fit both Snap Risers™ and MEP “Clip-On” nozzle bodies.

Tip Part #Nozzle TypeSpray Pattern10 psi20 psi30 psi40 psi
***Nozzle Capacity In Gallons Per Minute.
EZFS1510015100Flat Spray 15°
EZFS25602560Flat Spray 25°
EZFS3010030100Flat Spray 30°
EZFS40504050Flat Spray 40°
EZFS50405040Flat Spray 50°
EZFS50505050Flat Spray 50°
EZFS50605060Flat Spray 50°
EZFS50705070Flat Spray 50°
EZFS65206520Flat Spray 65°
EZFS65306530Flat Spray 65°
EZFS65406540Flat Spray 65°
EZFS65506550Flat Spray 65°
EZFS65606560Flat Spray 65°
EZFS65706570Flat Spray 65°
EZFS70047004Flat Spray 70°
EZFS80108010Flat Spray 80°0.50.710.861.0
EZFS80208020Flat Spray 80°
EZFS80308030Flat Spray 80°
EZFS80408040Flat Spray 80°
EZFS95609560Flat Spray 95°
EZDT9010DT901090° Deflecting0.50.710.861.0
EZDT9020DT902090° Deflecting1.
EZDT9030DT903090° Deflecting1.
EZDT9040DT904090° Deflecting2.
EZDT9050DT905090° Deflecting2.
EZDT9060DT906090° Deflecting3.
EZDT9070DT907090° Deflecting3.
EZFC100FC100Full Cone 1005.07.18.510.0
EZFC60FC60Full Cone 603.
EZFC50FC50Full Cone 502.
EZFC40FC40Full Cone 402.
EZHC100HC100Hollow Cone 1005.07.18.510.0
EZHC60HC60Hollow Cone 603.
EZHC50HC50Hollow Cone 502.
EZHC40HC40Hollow Cone 402.
EZFS00000000Blank Nozzle
EZTB125TB1251/8" NPT Female Threads
EZTB025TB2501/4" NPT Female Threads
EZTB375TB3753/8" NPT Female Threads
EZTB050TB5001/2" NPT Female Threads

Height of Included Angle of Spray Coverage – Distance from nozzle to target in inches.

Height of included angle of spray coverage. Distance from nozzle to target in inches.
Spray Angle8"10"12"15"18"24"30"36"42"48"

Bent Risers - We have the E-Z angles

  • Many different angles available
  • Excellent drainage
  • Reduce cost
  • One piece application for E-Z installation